At FFOA Law Office, we offer a comprehensive range of practice areas to cater to the diverse legal needs of our clients. We offer various legal and professional services ranging from business and property registration to civil and criminal litigation across various industry sectors. Among our growing list of clients are those engaged in public utilities, inns and hotels, leasing companies, telecom distributions, banana plantations, hospitals, and start-up businesses.


Corporate Law

Corporate law is the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations and businesses. It encompasses all of the legal issues that a corporation or organization can face.

  • Pre-incorporation consultancy
    We provide consultancy services, and legal research and study, for the most cost and tax- effective corporate vehicle/structure for the client’s Philippine in-bound and outbound investments.

  • Corporate Registration
    We offer our clients assistance in their registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Local Government Units, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) depending on the client’s preferred medium of business organization. We also provide advisory services on the best corporate vehicle for the client (i.e. sole proprietorship, one person corporation, partnership, or corporation, etc.)

  • Branch office Registration
    We facilitate our clients registration of their foreign corporaiton in the Philippines such as: Branch Office, Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ), Regional or Area Headquarters (RHQ), Representative Office (RO), or Subsidiary.

  • Investment Agency Registration
    We offer assistance to clients in the registration of their business with the different investment incentive agencies such as the Board of Investment (BOI), Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), and similar agencies. We also provide legal research and study to recommend the registration type that provide the most incentives to the client.

  • Business Registration
    We facilite our clients registation of their business with the Business Bureau and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other related agencies.

  • General Advisory Services
    We offer our clients general advisory services over a wide range of corporate matters such as those relating to corporate organization, restructuring, and corporate layering depending on the end goal of our clients.

  • Corporate Housekeeping
    We provide corporate secretarial services for our client’s corporations, including the preparation of minutes, board resolutions, secretary certificates, record keeping services, and other regulatory compliance.

  • Corporate Litigation
    We offer legal representation to clients for filing complaints and answer to intra-corporate disputes within the jurisdiction of the Regular Courts or the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a practice area of the law, focused on domestic and global transactions aimed at consolidating businesses of two or more companies through legal operations.
  • Investment Advisory Services
    We offer full support to clients’ strategic business decisions by providing services during acquisitions, mergers, splits, or reorganization of companies and groups, such as but not limited to: financial due diligence, M&A contract drafting, contract negotiations, post-closing integration and legal advisory services, and even transfer pricing support.

Taxation Law

Taxation in the Philippines is governed by The Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises Act (CREATE Act); Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law; The National Internal Revenue Code; and Local Government Code of 1991.

  • Tax Planning
    We offer tax planning services for businesses with the end view of establishing tax efficient but legally compliant business strategies.

  • Tax Advocacy​
    We assist clients in liaising with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to request for BIR rulings or opinions. We likewise represent clients in filing their administrative claims for refund from the national and local government.

  • Tax Assessments
    We aid our clients in handling controversies arising from tax assessments from the administrative level to the Court of Tax Appeals.

  • Cross-border Business Transactions Consultancy
    We provide consultancy, legal research and study services for clients who want to know the tax implications of cross border transactions. We also recommend the most tax-efficient strategy for our clients business.

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance covers all transactions related to money, shares, credit and investments in either banks and financial institutions.

  • Financial Due Diligence​
    We offer analysis of a business and/or transactions, assessing the vital issues facing the business and the drivers behind maintainable profits and cash flows, and identifying the key financial risks of the transaction.

  • Regulatory Compliance​
    We offer advisory services for clients’compliance management to existing and new rules by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Insurance Commission, Philippine Stock Exchange and other regulatory bodies.

Transactional Law

Transactional work includes legal guidance about business contracts, agreements, lease negotiations, and other business transactions.
  • Contract Drafting and Review​
    We help clients in analyzing draft contracts, preparing standard templates, identifying the variables relevant to a contract or agreement, and building a checklist of “clauses”, which may be useful in addressing the distinctive specifications of each agreement.

  • Estate Planning​
    We offer bespoke estate planning both at the individual and corporate level such as drafting of last will and testament, planned distribution of assets and creation of corporate holdings.

  • Contract Negotiation​​
    We represent clients in the contract negotiation in order to get the optimum end of the bargain.

  • Property Due Diligence​
    We offer well rounded investigative analysis of all aspect of a property to aid clients in making a well- informed decision, including on-site property evaluation. We likewise recommend the best possible course of action to the client.

  • Land Registration Proceedings​
    We assist clients in complying with the various requirements of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Registry of Deeds (ROD), and City Treasurer’s Office in obtaining a titles to their newly acquired properties.

Immigration Law

Immigration law includes the national statutes, regulations, and legal precedents governing immigration into and deportation from the Philippines.
  • Immigration Dispute resolution
    We assist local and foreign clients obtain their Philippine visas, Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) Card, Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC). We also represent clients in cases of immigration status disputes, deportation proceedings, etc.

Election Law

Election law relates to all aspects of the election processes, from the registration of voters to the conduct of the election, and all the contentious matters that arise therefrom.
  • Election seminars and other services
    We perform orientations and seminars for poll watchers, paralegals, and election lawyers that will be engaged during the election season. We also provide legal assistance during pre-election campaigning, counting of ballots, canvassing.

  • Election Cases​
    We represent clients in all types of election related disputes, including pre-proclamation controversies, election protests and quo warranto proceedings in accordance with the Philippine Omnibus Election Code.

Labor and Employment Law

Labor and employment in the Philippines is governed by the Labor Code and its amendments. It governs employment practices and labor relations in the Philippines.

  • Personnel Policy​
    We provide services relative to the drafting of employee handbook and policy manuals, as well as employee covenants.

  • Labor Advisory Services​
    We provide legal advice on matters affecting employment policies, employment contracts, independent contractor contract, pre-termination and termination disputes.We also provide advisory services in compliance management in the areas of labor and social legislation.

  • Labor Seminars​
    We conduct seminars and training programs for employees and management which are related to human resources and labor law.

  • Labor Cases​
    We offer representation for both employers and employees within the jurisdiction of the NLRC for grievances and disciplinary actions. This includes arbitration and negotiation stage.

  • Collective Bargaining​
    We draft, review, and negotiate collective bargaining agreements (CBA) that ensure clients’ interests are protected and the proposed CBA is complaint with the labor laws.


Litigation is the process of resolving disputes by filing or answering a complaint through the Philippine court system. This includes all stages of litigation, whether before the regular courts, the appellate courts, and even in administrative agencies.
  • Civil Cases​
    We represent individuals and corporations in all types of civil disputes such as ordinary civil actions for breach of contract, specific performance, damages, recission of contract, interpleader, foreclosure, and special civil actions for expropriation.

  • Land Dispute Cases​
    We represent clients in all types of land disputes such as recovery of ownership or possession, cancellation of titlem and reconstituion of title. We also represent clients in forcible entry cases, unlawful detainer case, ejectment suits, quieting of title, and judicial partition.

  • Family Law Cases​
    We represent parties in legal separation, annulment of marriage, declaration of nullity of marriage, and separation of property.

  • Special Proceedings​
    We represent clients in adoption cases, correction of entries in the civil registry, actions for support, custody, and guardianship, nationalization proceedings, and actions for recognition of foreign judgment.

  • Commercial Cases​
    We represent individuals and corporations in all types of intra-corporate controversies, liquidation, and financial rehabilitation.

  • Intellectual Property Cases​
    We represent clients in cases involving violation of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade names.

  • Data Privacy Breach Cases​
    We represent victims of data privacy breaches in litigation and settlements. We also advise companies how to prevent data privacy breaches, comply with the Data Privacy Act, and strenghten their data collection and protection systems.

  • Criminal Cases​
    We handle all types of criminal cases and can represent complainants as private prosecutors, and represent respondents, accused, and even persons deprived of liberty.

  • Administrative Cases
    We represent clients in legal proceedings before quasi- judicial agencies and administrative bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Bureau of Customs, Board of Investments, Bureau of Patents, Trademarks and Technology Transfer, Civil Service Commission, Commission on Audit, Department of Agrarian Reform, Land Registration Authority, among others.

  • Class Actions​
    We provide class action representation involving a large number of plaintiffs which is essential to succeed in the complex area of litigation.

Notarization and Retainer

Notarization is an act to certify or attest to a document by a notary public.
  • Notarial Services
    We prepare and notarize all types of legal documents ranging from simple affidavits and power of attorneys, to complex contracts, extrajudicial settlements, and deeds of conveyance of properties.

  • Retainer Services​
    We provide services to client on a retainer basis, providing them with routine verbal consultation, advice, and opinion in all fields of law affecting client’s business. This may include retainer-ship of notarial services of legal documents in the ordinary course of the client’s business.